Our goal is to produce 5 quality short films that we will be able to broadcast on various platforms (film festivals, seminars, social platforms, etc.).

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign for this project to be as professional and collaborative as possible, since we are mobilizing a great range of dedicated minds, organizations and resources.

Check out or our kisskissbankbank account!

Our fundraising will enable us:

  • Hire a professional filmmaker that will accompany our work from the preparation to the final cut, to guarantee a quality visual appearance. BUDGET +- 2.500 €
  • Rent dance studios for the dancers to rehearse their choreographies. BUDGET 100 €
  • Provide the necessary materials for the filming days (steady-cam, lights, make-up, costumes, catering, etc.). BUDGET 1.500 €
  • Finance the post-production for good promotion. BUDGET 300 €
  • Organize workshops and seminars in Autumn 2019 based on the films on the themes of invested dancing and the links between Art, ecological commitment and activism. BUDGET 500€

Whether it be by contributing to our campaign – even a small amount is helpful! – or by sharing our initiative with your network, your support would mean a lot!

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