It is the body that makes the revolution happen, it is through the body in movement that we are able to perceive the world, to grasp it and, indeed, meet with others.

The body maybe doesn’t have words but it calls to all our senses, our intuitions and perceptions that make it easier to dialogue between us and others. The body in movement affirms its identity and memory, it provokes, overthrows and creates. It is in itself a different way to think, to act and interact with the world. To put our bodies in movement is for us a nonverbal way to revolution and inspire a change of view. To dance in the public space is therefore aligning the body and the sensations directly with the social body; it is revealing yourself to others, to make contact with the world and offer a new relation to the urban environment. At a time sensible at another mindful. It is a question of recognizing yourself first, and the other persons and non-humans to be able to ‘be’. To be to remake community.

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