Thank you!

Our crowdfunding campaign on kisskissbankbank has come to an end and we have not only reached our initial goal – we have collected over the double!

We started collecting money for our ‘Coeur a Corps avec ma Ville’ Project end of April 2019. After only one week of our campaign being online, we reached 1000€, our initial goal! So we decided to head for a new Goal: 2.500€. And we really almost reached it! We collected 2.445€ until the 09.06.19, our last day of the crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks to our 55 backers we reached a total of 2445 euro, all of which will help bring our project to life.

Here is what is going to happen next:

  • On the 18th, 19th and 20th of July we will have our first shootings sessions.
  • On the 2nd of September we will have our last shooting session and start finalizing the films.
  • By the end of September/beginning of October the films will be shown to the public (venues to be confirmed soon)

Make sure to stay tuned and to follow CoeuràCorps on FACEBOOK and in our LIBRARY.

Another big thank you for believing in this project with us!

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