Meet our family! 1 – Elora

While our short-films are being edited, we want to introduce you to our entire family! 💃🎥
These are all the amazing dancers, filmmakers, coordinators etc that work with passion on this project. We all came together because we believe that together we can inspire each other to express our discontent with issues of our environment, society and lack of actively doing something about it. We will upload each week a picture of a member and let them speak to you about their point of you on the project. Enjoy! 

Let’s begin with Elora, 22, dancer:
“I have always danced. Dance is truly a way to know yourself, to accept yourself the way you are and to share an energy with the people surrounding you. This project really comforted me in the idea that it is really a medium to unite people to question the notions of identity and our relation to others and ourselves. I think that when we see major collective movements and street protests, we realise that something is lacking! Being a united community is at the heart of the project in my opinion.”😊

Elora will be dancing in episode 5 of our project 🙂 Don’t miss it!

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