Variations en Éveil is released online

The Coeur a Corps team is thrilled to present you its short-movie ‘Variations en Eveil’. The result of one year of collective work by a team of around 30 youngsters.

COVID-19 has been a difficult period for many of us, but it has also been a period of self and collective reflection. A breathe away from the rules of a society running contrary to our deepest humanity. As our lives slowly get back to ‘normal’, we do not want to forget what we have learnt from this period: the need to care, for us and others, and take time to enjoy the essence of life in the respect of the natural world we are part of.

These reflections deeply resonate with the lessons of our movie. That is why we have decided to go public earlier than expected and share with you our work.
With this movie, we hope to remind you of the importance of standing up for more sustainable communities of emancipated and joyful human beings. We are responsible for our happiness, we shall fight for it.

We hope you share it with your pairs, relatives and community, and give us some feedback!

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