Variations en Éveil is released online

The Coeur a Corps team is thrilled to present you its short-movie ‘Variations en Eveil’. The result of one year of collective work by a team of around 30 youngsters.

COVID-19 has been a difficult period for many of us, but it has also been a period of self and collective reflection. A breathe away from the rules of a society running contrary to our deepest humanity. As our lives slowly get back to ‘normal’, we do not want to forget what we have learnt from this period: the need to care, for us and others, and take time to enjoy the essence of life in the respect of the natural world we are part of.

These reflections deeply resonate with the lessons of our movie. That is why we have decided to go public earlier than expected and share with you our work.
With this movie, we hope to remind you of the importance of standing up for more sustainable communities of emancipated and joyful human beings. We are responsible for our happiness, we shall fight for it.

We hope you share it with your pairs, relatives and community, and give us some feedback!

Our Film-Premiere in pictures!

On the 24th of January our Coeur à Corps Team proudly presented to the public for the first time our first film project ‘Variations en Éveil’.

We would like to say a giant THANK YOU to everybody who showed up and of course to our partners and friends KINOGRAPH, See U, Collectif KomChéTaMère, AYYA, Mozaïk, Collectif OXO, YEE – Youth and Environment Europe & Green -In.

Take a look at a few pictures we took during the event:

If you missed the opportunity to be there, or you want to recommend it to friends or you simply would like to see it again: Our Team is working on future projections and will keep you posted through this website or our social networks. See you soon!

Join us for our Première event on the 24 January at the Kinograph!

After one year of work, we are finally ready to show you our short-movie and share with you our experience with collective action.

For that occasion, we organise a special Première event

When? On Friday 24 January, at 6:30pm

Where? Le Kinograph, 227 Avenue de la Couronne (1040 Etterbeek, Brussels)

With whom? Each member of our crew and most participants to our projects

What will be special about it? We are co-organising our event with the young group Mozaik who will also present their movie Commune-Utopie.

What is the plan? After the movie, we hope to share with you a drink or two and, perhaps, discuss together future projects!

Where to book tickets? Here! You can buy a normal ticket (for 5euros) or choose to give a more generous contribution to help us fund the organisation of our event (“Generous ticket”). Please note that the entrance is free for everyone who contributed to our Kisskissbankbank campaign.

For more info, do not hesitate to reach out to us, via email or FB.

We hope to see many of you at our event !

Hélène & Line, on behalf of the whole Coeur à Corps Team

Meet our family! 1 – Elora

While our short-films are being edited, we want to introduce you to our entire family! 💃🎥
These are all the amazing dancers, filmmakers, coordinators etc that work with passion on this project. We all came together because we believe that together we can inspire each other to express our discontent with issues of our environment, society and lack of actively doing something about it. We will upload each week a picture of a member and let them speak to you about their point of you on the project. Enjoy! 

Let’s begin with Elora, 22, dancer:
“I have always danced. Dance is truly a way to know yourself, to accept yourself the way you are and to share an energy with the people surrounding you. This project really comforted me in the idea that it is really a medium to unite people to question the notions of identity and our relation to others and ourselves. I think that when we see major collective movements and street protests, we realise that something is lacking! Being a united community is at the heart of the project in my opinion.”😊

Elora will be dancing in episode 5 of our project 🙂 Don’t miss it!

Aaaand ACTION!

We started filming our first episode! Take a look at some pictures behind the scenes…

Take a look behind the scripts!

What is happening in the pre-production?

We are preparing everything to the detail for our upcoming shooting days! Here you can see how we operate on location, discussing how our scripts apply to the surroundings and locations we had in mind. We spent the whole day with the wonderful Clara Figuet and Axel Sauvage, two young filmmakers inspired to walk hand in hand with us during this adventure.