‘Cœur à Corps’ is a team of dedicated and creative young adults living and working in Brussels.

‘Cœur à Corps’ was born out of the desire of several young people to tell their indignation towards the current social and environmental crisis. Global protest movements of this past year, such as the marches for the climate and the Yellow vest movement, have acknowledged the obsolescence of our modern individualistic system and the need to strive towards human emancipation.

On the basis of this observation, our project uses dancing as a way to express our deep desire for collective action and sustainable change.


Diverse youngsters from the age of 16 to the age of 30 participate in the ‘Cœur à Corps avec ma Ville’ project, either as dancers, choreographers, musicians, filmmakers or coordinators of the initiative. Although we all come from different backgrounds and nationalities, we share the conviction that community collaborative projects can have long-term impacts on our lives. We have gathered because we do also believe in the subversive and empowering characters of artistic endeavors, including dance, music and cinema.

Everyone, professionals and amateurs, are welcome to be part of our initiative and bring their personality, ideas and skills to our work.


We are partners with the young European network Youth & Environment Europe (yeenet.eu).

We also partnered up with the french NGO AYYA (ayyamouvement.org), that promotes a relational approach to sustainable development.

We also work in collaboration with the ‘Alternative Urbanization’ group of the CDNEE (Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe).

We have further extended our collaboration to various professionals, including dance schools in Brussels, dance companies, Belgian cultural centers and artists.

If you feel like joining our family, send us an e-mail at coeuracorps.bx@gmail.com