Big Meeting of the Coeur à Corps Team

Take a look at our first gathering of all the participants of the project ‘Coeur à Corps avec ma Ville’! We had the lovely support of our partners WeLoveBXL and enjoyed their incredible location in the heart of Molenbeek.

This meeting was a possibility for everyone to meet, get updated on the most recent progress and enjoy the great energy of our community. Enjoy the pictures!

Pictures by Emma Derancy

Meet the composer of ep. 1!

Saad Keys is composing the music for our first episode! Saad is a Moroccan-French multi-instrumentalist who blends groove, world music and electronica.

You can listen to his music here:

And find out more about him on his website:

Thank you!

Our crowdfunding campaign on kisskissbankbank has come to an end and we have not only reached our initial goal – we have collected over the double!

We started collecting money for our ‘Coeur a Corps avec ma Ville’ Project end of April 2019. After only one week of our campaign being online, we reached 1000€, our initial goal! So we decided to head for a new Goal: 2.500€. And we really almost reached it! We collected 2.445€ until the 09.06.19, our last day of the crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks to our 55 backers we reached a total of 2445 euro, all of which will help bring our project to life.

Here is what is going to happen next:

  • On the 18th, 19th and 20th of July we will have our first shootings sessions.
  • On the 2nd of September we will have our last shooting session and start finalizing the films.
  • By the end of September/beginning of October the films will be shown to the public (venues to be confirmed soon)

Make sure to stay tuned and to follow CoeuràCorps on FACEBOOK and in our LIBRARY.

Another big thank you for believing in this project with us!

Meet the composer of ep. 3!

We are very happy to present to you Nathan Minière, the composer of our 3. episode!

Check out his website to find out more about him and to listen to his previous compositions!

We can’t wait to share with you his creation, made specifically for this project! Stay tuned!


We are very proud and excited to share with you our teaser for our crowdfunding campaign.

Want to find out more about our project? Click HERE:

You love our project and want to contribute to make this come true? Donate HERE:


Our goal is to produce 5 quality short films that we will be able to broadcast on various platforms (film festivals, seminars, social platforms, etc.).

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign for this project to be as professional and collaborative as possible, since we are mobilizing a great range of dedicated minds, organizations and resources.

Check out or our kisskissbankbank account!

Our fundraising will enable us:

  • Hire a professional filmmaker that will accompany our work from the preparation to the final cut, to guarantee a quality visual appearance. BUDGET +- 2.500 €
  • Rent dance studios for the dancers to rehearse their choreographies. BUDGET 100 €
  • Provide the necessary materials for the filming days (steady-cam, lights, make-up, costumes, catering, etc.). BUDGET 1.500 €
  • Finance the post-production for good promotion. BUDGET 300 €
  • Organize workshops and seminars in Autumn 2019 based on the films on the themes of invested dancing and the links between Art, ecological commitment and activism. BUDGET 500€

Whether it be by contributing to our campaign – even a small amount is helpful! – or by sharing our initiative with your network, your support would mean a lot!


It is the body that makes the revolution happen, it is through the body in movement that we are able to perceive the world, to grasp it and, indeed, meet with others.

The body maybe doesn’t have words but it calls to all our senses, our intuitions and perceptions that make it easier to dialogue between us and others. The body in movement affirms its identity and memory, it provokes, overthrows and creates. It is in itself a different way to think, to act and interact with the world. To put our bodies in movement is for us a nonverbal way to revolution and inspire a change of view. To dance in the public space is therefore aligning the body and the sensations directly with the social body; it is revealing yourself to others, to make contact with the world and offer a new relation to the urban environment. At a time sensible at another mindful. It is a question of recognizing yourself first, and the other persons and non-humans to be able to ‘be’. To be to remake community.