During the summer of 2019 we produced 5 short films featuring a series of choreographies performed by young local dancers in the city of Brussels.

Project Presentation

DANCE! Or else we are lost – Pina Bausch

Our Project Result

Albeit sharing a same narrative, each episode of our 5-films sery offers critical insights on different aspects characterizing our modern lives:

  • EPISODE 1 is centered on the human body. Relationship to the body is in fact the primary link individuals have to ‘nature’. It is a basic but essential relationship. Knowing my body, being aware and taking care of it is key to living a life that is respectful of myself, and thus, others – whether human or non-human. This episode will be interpreted by a solo contemporary dancer, Camille, on a rooftop in Ixelles, at dawn.
  • EPISODE 2 confronts the human body to the modern urban environment. Cities are the ecosystems human beings of the 21st century are born into, live and evolve in. But what does our life in a city tell us about our mindsets, our relationship to others, and ourselves? While walking around the streets of Brussels, Eloÿ, a young neo-classic dancer uncovers this complex and individualistic reality of the urban environment.
  • EPISODE 3 contemplates the relationships we have to other human beings and the diversity of emotions we experience towards one another. A salsa duo will tell us through dancing about the diversity and complexity of human interactions in the Square Herschel Grynszpan, Brussels.
  • EPISODE 4 reflects on the connection between everything and everyone. There is a point where we all feel that something has gone wrong, that the society in which we live in does not enable us to fulfill ourselves as free human beings, connected to the web of Life. While facing this ironic reality, many of us feel lost and powerless, questioning our position in the world and the sense to our existence. What can I do to change that? Can I really? A solo performance by Yasmina in the square Ambiorix will offer a true representation of this questioning.
  • EPISODE 5 is the peak of our series, a call for collective action and radical change. In the European district, a hiphop crew questions the power dynamics between humans and suggests another way to ‘make’ and ‘be’ community.
Photo by Lola Watelet


Whether it be by contributing to our screening – donations are always helpful too – by sharing our initiative with your network or by helping us out directly, your support means a lot to us!

Photo by Emma Durancy


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